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298 Cashtown Road
Biglerville, PA

(717) 334-1984

We're a family owned and operated farm market, selling our own seasonal fruits and vegetables!

There is always something new.  For the regulars, check out our events:  from our Corn Fest to the National Apple Harvest Festival, we've got it going on!

Our Events!

Mother's Day Brunch

  • Historic Round Barn & Farm Market 298 Cashtown Road Biglerville, PA, 17307 United States

Enjoy a unique experience with great food and entertainment in the top floor of the Historic Round Barn.

2016 Mother's Day Brunch Menu (Catered by the A-ville Inn)

Meats: Ham, Pit Turkey with Stuffing, Pine Nut Crusted Salmon and a Veggie Quiche

Starches: Stuffing, Cheddar Mash, Mac & Cheese

Veggies: Corn, Green Beans, Mixed Veggie Blend

Sandwich Meats: Pit Beef, Pit Ham, Pit Turkey served with Potato Roll

Soup: Chicken Corn and Dumpling Soup

Fresh Garden Salad

Desserts: Coconut Cake, Chocolately Chocolate Cake


$10 Sandwich Platter (Includes one Starch and one Veggie)

$10 Soup and Fresh Garden Salad

$11 Soup and Sandwich 

$12.50 Regular Dinner (Includes one Meat, one Starch, two Veggies)

$15 Mom's Dinner (Includes Soup or Salad, one Meat, two Starches, two Veggies)

$20 Full Dinner (Includes Soup or Salad, two Meats, two Starches, two Veggies, and Dessert)

$8 Child's Plate (12 and Under) (Includes three Chicken Fingers, Mac & Cheese, one Veggie)

$5 "Something" (Dessert, Soup, or Salad)