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298 Cashtown Road
Biglerville, PA

(717) 334-1984

We're a family owned and operated farm market, selling our own seasonal fruits and vegetables!

There is always something new.  For the regulars, check out our events:  from our Corn Fest to the National Apple Harvest Festival, we've got it going on!


Rent The Barn!

The Round Barn may be just the place to stage your special event.  Weddings look stunning here, from our outdoor ceremony location overlooking the barn, to receptions inside the barn itself.  The highly vaulted roof and support structure lend themselves easily to any illumination you can imagine.  The round structure itself yields convenient access to your guests wherever they sit, be it the bar, buffet lines, or the dance floor!

You'll also get more than just a beautiful setting.  Need tables and chairs, shuttles, or the bar kit?  Let us know your needs!  We have many things onsite and references for the rest.


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