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298 Cashtown Road
Biglerville, PA

(717) 334-1984

We're a family owned and operated farm market, selling our own seasonal fruits and vegetables!

There is always something new.  For the regulars, check out our events:  from our Corn Fest to the National Apple Harvest Festival, we've got it going on!


The Shop

At the Historic Round Barn & Farm Market, you'll find we sell one of the largest selections of apple and peach varieties in the area, in season.  See our fruit section for a menu of what you can expect!

We also offer a wide selection of other seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, grown by us or our family farming friends.  While shopping in the "round", be on the look out for some delicious products made with our very own apples, peaches, strawberries, cucumbers, and tomatoes. We also have many other tasty food offerings lining our shelves, including locally made, small batch products. Don't forget our baked goods section, filled with to die for cookies, pies, muffins, and breads baked in-house or sourced locally.  

While you're visiting, you'll also see a wide variety of gifts and seasonal decorations that are as beautiful as the craftsmanship behind them.